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A tale of two datasets

The Institute for Government runs a Whitehall Monitoring Project with a range of data sources. Some are great, and have impact. Some are neglected. So how do you persuade official bodies that it’s a far, far better thing to publish

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Joining up the dots: platform co-operatives and content networks.

Can we come together as communities and use digital tools to build platforms and share knowledge? Two operate issues were discussed at Open Data Camp 4

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Sustaining Senior Sponsorship

How can we sustain senior sponsorship for open data, when political pressure or change in personnel can remove it. Or can we immunise our organisations against departures?

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Better local government through open data

Local government is under financial siege. Can we make the case for more open data by helping them get more done with less?

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What is data, open data… and what on earth is an API?

For new arrivals at day two of Open Data Camp 4, and for those left with questions after day one, there was another session on the basics. What’s data, what’s open data, how do you get open data, and what

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Open Data Camp 4: Sunday’s Pitches

Sunday morning brought a big, if a little tender, crowd. And it also brought some great, great pitches…

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Announcing Open Data Camp 4

This post was originally published on the Open Data Camp blog Open Data Camp is back! We are delighted to announce that Open Data Camp is returning once again. Open Data Camp 4 will be the weekend of Saturday and

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Open Data Camp 4 – festive update

This is a quick post to update you on preparations for Open Data Camp 4, and to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Preparations underway So far, we’ve released two batches of tickets, and they’ve been snapped-up really fast. 49

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Data Mill (real) North

I’m excited by the work we are doing with Data Mill North… Read the rest of this post

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Does Open Data Really Empower Consumers?

Open data is helping with projects as diverse as city parking, energy use and medical treatments. Can it help your business? This memorable quote by the great English physicist and mathematician … …

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