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The big picture for Open Data Policies Decoded: Helping cities leverage data-driven policy remix

Remixing open data policies can be beneficial for cities. (Image credit: OpenGov Foundation’s Madison project.) Sunlight recently announced Open Data Policies Decoded, a new web resource developed in partnership with the OpenGov Foundation to help connect great policy solutions to

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Thinking Differently About Data

In late 2015, the City of Philadelphia released some very important information as open data. Continue reading on Medium »

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Sustainable Business Models for Public Sector Open Data Providers

Originally published at: Frederika Welle Donker, Bastiaan van Loenen Abstract: Since 2009, Open Government Data initiatives have been launched worldwide and the concept of open data is gaining momentum. Open data are often associated with realizing ambitions, such as a

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ODI Queensland wins AU$400k funding to maximise open access to government data

Pioneer Node ODI Queensland has secured $400k from the government to help enable open access to government data. Alex Leon shares how this new partnership could help bridge the gap between open data commitment and action in Australia Story Bridge

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Chapel Hill, San Diego Launch Open Data Efforts

Chapel Hill, North Carolina and San Diego, California have launched new open data projects. For the Chapel Hill portal, the city partnered with the local public library system to provide datasets about library use. In addition, the city has included

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Mexico’s future will be decidedly ‘Open’

Barbara Ubaldi, Head of the Unit, Digital Government, Open Data and Data-driven Public Sector, OECD and Arturo Rivera, Open Data Policy Analyst, OECD When hurricane Patricia made landfall near Cuixmala, Mexico, on the evening of October 23, 2015, it had

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The Cambrian News helps readers understand the attendance of their councillors

We’d like to highlight a nice piece of data journalism from Ceredigion. Cambrian News reporter Caleb Spencer wanted to make the information on councillors’ attendance at meetings more accessible to his readers. He created a visualisation in CartoDB which breaks the

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Why are some cities so good at releasing open data? Pt. 2

The Asheville Tree Map, powered by open data. (Image credit: Asheville Tree Map) Last week, we looked at some of the best performers on the US City Open Data Census and the policies that helped ensure their top-notch data accessibility.

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Exclusive: Singapore is making open data a lot easier

New developers portal for real-time data launched. The post Exclusive: Singapore is making open data a lot easier appeared first on GovInsider.

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The First Step: Collaboration and Democratization Around Information

#OpenData changing conversations in and around Government ¶ There are great examples of success when the government opens data. Continue reading on Medium »

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