Anniversary & Conference : March 22 – 25

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The Future of Citizen Science & the First Safecast Report

A Free Symposium & Hackathon in Tokyo, and ‘Super Presentation’ in Koriyama

We’re excited to announce the 4th Anniversary of Safecast and the 1st Safecast Conference. This multiday event will begin on March 22nd in Tokyo for a series of talks, presentations, discussions, workshops and hackathons and wrap up on March 25th in Koriyama, Fukushima. Much of the event will have online components for participation from elsewhere.

March 22nd, Digital garage, Tokyo

An afternoon of rich discussion and lively presentations exploring recent developments in the area of Citizen Science.
Safecast team members from around the world will also present the 2015 Safecast Report, in addition to announcing significant advances in the development of the Safecast data network platform.

Notable speakers include:

  • Joi Ito – Safecast Co-founder and Director, MIT Media Lab
  • Ray Ozzie – former CTO Microsoft
  • Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa – Chairman, National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear
    Accident Independent Investigation Commission
  • Ryugo Hayano – Professor, Physics Department University of Tokyo, Antimatter researcher, CERN

They will be joined by Safecasters Azby Brown, Sean Bonner, Pieter Franken, Joe Moross, Nick Dolezal, along with Jo Long, Will Dickson, Miles O’Brien, Karien Bezuidenhout, Matthew McKinzie, Toshikatsu Watanabe, Joe Paradiso, Furuhashi Taichi, Hidetake Ishimaru, Yuichi Kojima and others.

For the full schedule visit, or book your seat now via Peatix now.

All places for the Safecast Hackathon have now been taken.
Do join us at the safest symposium instead to meet the team and learn more about the Safecast platform.

March 25 Big Palette Fukushima Convention Hall, Koriyama

A talk event featuring leading panelists on The Future of Open Data.
Download the event flyer here:

For more information and to book your place please visit

Our thanks to our partners The Shuttleworth Foundation and Digital Garage for making all of this possible.

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