Africa Open Data Conference (AODC), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, September 2 – 5

GODAN will be participating actively in discussions at the AODC and will be leading the Agriculture and Nutrition Track on Saturday September 5.

The conference represents a valuable opportunity for GODAN partners to shape the focus of our activities in the coming months and network with potential partners in the region.  More widely, GODAN partners will be able to make contact with delegates interested in open data in other areas of society in the African region, where benefits in health and open government are significant. A GODAN partner meeting on the evening of Thursday September 3 will be the first time we have met in the global south, where many of the positive impacts of open data in agriculture are intended to benefit local agricultural communities. Please register here for the partner meeting.


The Agriculture and Nutrition Track provides delegates with opportunities to explore issues and solutions around community ownership and exploitation of open data in the sector, with discussion centred around a paper produced between two GODAN partners and the Secretariat.  This discussion highlights GODAN’s role in sharing understanding about the responsible and ethical use of open data to create real benefit for individuals and communities worldwide.

An Open Data expo at the event will aim to showcase examples of how open data makes a difference more widely and should deepen understanding of the huge potential benefits it can bring.


Read more about the conference here and check the GODAN website for more news about speakers and schedules for both the partner meeting and the Agriculture and Nutrition Track. Also of interest are the articles on the Republic of Tanzania Department of Education and Vocational Training website about AODC.