Adoption of open government data among government agencies

Publication date: Available online 11 January 2016
Source:Government Information Quarterly
Author(s): Hui-Ju Wang, Jin Lo
With an emerging interest in open government data (OGD) around the world, there has been an increasing need for research on the determinants of OGD adoption. This study examines factors influencing the adoption of OGD among government agencies in Taiwan to fill the existing knowledge gap. Accordingly, based on previous research on innovation adoption, we develop a research model that integrates the technology–organization–environment (TOE) framework and the following four factors that are central to adoption decisions: perceived benefits, perceived barriers, organizational readiness, and external pressures. We examined this model through survey data from 342 government agencies of the Executive Yuan in Taiwan. The results show a significant positive relationship among perceived benefits, organizational readiness, and external pressures and the adoption of OGD by government agencies. This study creates a valuable reference for other countries in the early stages of OGD initiatives and has significant implications for governmental policy practitioners.