Access to information, open data and data journalism in Rwanda

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For the last two days, members of Team Sobanukirwa have been in Gisenyi talking about access to information, open data and data journalism at an event organised by Rwanda’s National Institute of Statistics.

The event was a great chance to share information and advice with journalists, statisticians, designers and civil servants from a wide range of organisations.

Migisha K. Claude talked about the coming data revolution that governments across the world are signing up to as they discuss the international sustainable development goals (SDGs). He also talked about the work he’ll be doing as the new open government fellow for Rwanda.

Presentation: SDGs & The Data Revolution

Stephen Abbott Pugh explained how the Sobanukirwa website can be used to help anyone in Rwanda get access to information they need to better inform people. He also talked to the assembled journalists about data-driven journalism and how reporters in Rwanda can use international data sources to give more context to their stories.

Presentation: Introducing Sobanukirwa

Please contact our team via email or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter if you want us to discuss any of these topics at future events.

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