A case for Data Science + Open Data

Carey Anne Nadeau is the Founder & CEO of Open Data Nation (opendatanation.com) and created FIVAR (fivar.org). Before founding Open Data Nation, Nadeau worked for the past decade doing quantitative research and analysis using open data at the Brookings Institution and Urban Institute. Nadeau’s work has received multiple awards, including the O. Robert Simha prize for most outstanding contribution to planning at MIT. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, and Rolling Stone, among others. 

Nadeau holds a Masters in City Planning from MIT and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Public Policy from The George Washington University.  

In October 2015, I was at an outdoor bar and restaurant when I got bitten by a rat that ran over my foot. The entire experience was pretty disgusting and astonishingly bloody. After a visit to the hospital, a bottle of horse-pill-sized antibiotics, and a bandage later, my family suggested I never go back to that establishment.

But that artichoke sandwich with garlic aioli on a toasted, brioche bun was too delicious. I couldn’t keep away…

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