19 Fresh Open Data Stories

19 Fresh Open Data Stories

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Data is only relevant when it’s used. This is even more true for Open Data, “data that anyone can access, use and share“. Be inspired by these simple ideas and physical objects to make greater use of Open Data.

These 19 tales of open data in use range from the really useful, like Australia’s The National Public Toilet Map, to commercial business models like BrightScope, to crowd sourced, social projects like Leeds Art Crawl. They cover a gamut of categories too: art, government & politics, smart cities and more.

The Leeds Art Crawl Map

The Leeds Art Crawl Map

The stories come from all over the world, but you just have to click on my Open Data Stories Pinterest board to explore them.

In no particular order:
1. Bicycle Barometer
2. Park Shark App
3. The Great British Public Toilet Map
4. National Public Toilet Map
5. UK Minecraft Map
6. Open Oil
7. Open Data Burkina Faso
8. Open Charities
9. Open Corporates
10. Leeds Data Thing
11. Transport API
12. Carbon Culture
13. Spend Network
14. Mastadon C
15. City Blocs
16. Smart Procure
17. Leeds Art Crawl
18. Bright Scope
19. Sweep Around

What to do next:

Read Open Data Institute’s open data case studies.

Buy Brett Goldstein & Lauren Dyson’s Beyond Transparency.

Check out my open data training and presentation resources.

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